Years – decades? – ago as a child, I’d sit, my eyes glued to the telly as I watched my favourite singers win awards. I’d exalt in their triumphs and get all smug about it the next day in school. Now, all I do is I gloat over Premier League scores.
I just watched a re-run of the American Music Awards. I don’t know many of the new artistes, and I don’t dig all their music. The rock bands all sound the same. Granted, a few of the newbies (such as Ashanti) stand out well, but others will probably fade into a boy-band-esque oblivion. Veterans like Sheryl Crow and Eminem are still going strong.
To be fair, there were a few American artistes I really liked when I was young[er]. There was Aaliyah. And Ephraim Lewis – who died in a crash years before her. And 2Pac – well I couldn’t believe he really died, thug-style.
Anyway. In happier news: my British childhood heroes are coming back with a new album after over ten years of separation. Roland [official website is down] and Curt, with a deal at Arista Records. Now that’s something to look forward to.


  1. vantan

    Yeah what’s with the [ … ] Osbournes … I don’t get a
    [ … ] [ … ] what they [ .. .. .. ] say because it’s full of words like [ … ] and [ … … ] :-X

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