Many things

There are so many things I’d like to do and learn. And so little time!
Hopefully by tonight, I’ll complete a big photo gallery as promised for a friend. Over this weekend, I need to pack for my forthcoming business trip. I also need to get my presentations and tutorials sorted out. And come next month or two, I’ll be learning PHP, ASP and XML (yes, I found a computer school). Imagine having a former web designer who can develop web applications.
Serious work aside, I’m awaiting the ‘Summer 2003’ arrival of MT Pro and have been lurking suspiciously around Typepad beta blogs (Ben Mena Anil). I love looking at user interfaces. I’ve come to appreciate them even more, now that designing intranets and CMS administration panels have become part of my daily routine.
By special request from a dear friend of mine, I stayed up this morning writing lyrics to music I wrote years ago (think: university) and didn’t complete. I wish I had 48 hours in a day, so I can spend half my time locked up in my studio!
Update #1: Check out Zempt, a weblog editing program which runs on your PC. I’ve seen others about, but not as pretty. Know of any other cool tools?
Update #2: Supa-dupa coolness! I’ve installed the program and it’s connected successfully to my MT script. This update has been written and posted using Zempt. It has standards-compliant formatting tags and a spell checker with lots of language variations (I’m sticking to good old GB English). And it makes it easier for you to assign attributes to your links. What’s more, you can sync this baby up with Winamp. I’ve done that already but this is certainly a very convenient tool.
Update #3: OK, I managed to install the more famous Bloggar at home and it looks a little prettier. It must be the icons. On first glance however I have found it less easy to use – perhaps because it has more features. But it’s superior in the sense that it can be used with many other weblog programs, not just MT. However it uses’ b’ and ‘i’ instead of ‘strong’ and ’em’, which admittedly isn’t a heinous crime but makes me think it’s a little dated. You can create custom tags and insert Javascript, which is handy. I’ll post this now and see how things go…


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