Most wanted

What features would you like Movable Type Pro to have? My number one request is Subcategories. So I won’t need to split up all my geek posts into separate groups, like what I’m doing now.
Next on my list: Automatic rebuilding of specific pages that have been affected by a modification. Most of the time, the changes I make seldom affect all pages. So for instance I would usually rebuild the Indexes first, then one of the archives sections. If MT Pro can handle all that (and it looks like it will), it would be ace.
What features would you like MT to have?
Other, slightly random finds:
Movable Type for Project Management?


  1. vantan

    It’s a blog links management system. You sign up for free, get a script to paste in your HTML code, and every website you select to be on your list, will be displayed.
    Paid subscribers get to do more fancy things with it, of course. Check the site out –

  2. Jean

    I’d like a private entry option, so I can write without always having to publish them for all to see. I know there is the “draft” option now, but I can’t read the entries at my site if I post an entry as a draft. So being able to post private entries is tops on my list.

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