‘Sourcey’ news

What can you do with open source software? You could collate information for your local animal shelter. You could, with a Sharp PDA, keep track of medical records for diabetes patients. Or you might want to contribute a country dance via XML, which you then view using Java applets. Take this dance, for example. It even has music.
Another urban legends warning. Randel and Yams were telling us how Powergen’s new Italian subsidiary took on a most unfortunate name: Powergenitalia.com (vrrooom! whirrrr… batteries not included. T3, anyone?). It’s a real site, BTW. But it took Gak, of all people, to dispel this ruse.


  1. Queenie

    *falls off chair*
    *still laughing as I type this*
    Hello fellow Bristolians! Where ever ye art!
    Power to the Italian Gens!

  2. vantan

    This is NOT related whatsoever to my post, but I am going to Funan Centre to buy a lens adaptor so that I can screw an extra lens onto my digital camera. 😛

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