South Park World of Warcraft Machinima

I didn’t know there was a South Park cartoon featuring World of Warcraft machinima, which became Cartoon Network’s most-watched show since 2000. You can watch the episode here, in three parts. Spoilers are in this Wikipedia entry.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. Kevin

    Yeah man, this episode rawks! When I was in Singapore I overheard some teenagers talking about it at the bus stop. I had heard about it before but I was surprised they got to see it so fast (being in Singapore). Later I learnt most people saw it either over YouTube, or downloaded a bittorrent of it. While this was a big copyright no-no, the idea that the world is in sync thanks to such “democratic” technology brings tears to my eyes. In other words, Youtube and other distribution technologies are bridging another form of digital divide, allow anyone with access the ability to participate in conversations they would otherwise be excluded from due to broadcast time difference.

  2. WOW Gold

    I loved the episode, but you gotta wonder how much Blizzard paid to have it created. I mean this is basically a 30 minute ad for World of Warcraft.

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