Big fan

I was roped in to help at an event over the weekend. Taufik* was there. After singing a song, he went backstage and stood around with the rest of us, waiting for his turn to sing another song. Seemed like quite a nice, normal dude.
The weather was hot, and I didn’t want our star to get sweaty. A mischievous thought formed in my mind as I was fanning myself with some paper. I stepped up to Taufik and started fanning him as well.
Taufik gave a smile and said no need, it was alright.
“But … I’m a big fan of yours,” I punned.
Well, frankly I chickened out at the last moment and decided not to be so corny. Dang! On hindsight, I should have just said it. Ha ha.
*To non-Singaporean readers, Taufik is our first Singapore Idol.


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