I’be god a Cobe.

I’be god a Cobe. A bery, bery nasty cobe. By dose is all runny and I sbent der whole day in de office wid a dissue sduffed ub by dostrils.
Den suddenly, I hatchoo. Hatchoo, hatchOO and HA-CHOO, oud op condrol. By body was shibering. Bud… I hab do do worg. Doday I worg’d in de obbice undil eid pee em! By deadline is Dursday and cliend is launshing nu lugshury gar galled der Bae-don. Is speld ‘Phaeton’ bud wid dissue stuffed ub by dose, how do dok proberly?
*phwarrrt* I blew by dose so many dimes doday, id’s gedding bainful. Dwo backets of bocket dissues a’d halb a dissue box. Aby bore blowig ad by dose wil probaby rund aweh! Wib a whyde dissue stigging oud ob by red dose, I loog’d lige eider Sanda or Rudolb, tayg yor pig.
Loog ad der dime! Id is nearly midnide. I’b bedder go do sleeb soon. Maybe hab a hod shower birst.


  1. vic

    LOL … the flu is goin around. i just got over a 3-week struggle with it … good luck with yours drink lots of water :o)

  2. bandan (suppressing a sneeze)

    Dank yew everybuddy. By dose is less sore doday and I dook some meddisun lasd nide and slepd like a log. Zzz, zzz. Doday idt’s a bid bedder!
    Krisden: no worries, I have ficksed de missing idalics dag. Danks for popping by!
    [still supressing a sneeze. ah..ahh…]

  3. Queenie

    Take care and GB. I hopes yoo gets well soons.
    Sending u a virtual box of kleenex with my love…Qewie

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