I can’t believe you’d fall for this

Another flotilla of mass emails from various friends. Another likely story of how, should you forward this email to five people, you will get a free flight on British Airways. Everyone, please, stop passing this around and raising false hopes! *stern look*

Read more about it from everywhere else on the internet.


  1. vantan

    Not to worry, there were many others who did the same *growl* and clogged up my mailbox *rowrrr*
    Just kidding (about the angry animal sounds).

  2. dawn lee

    Hey I got that email too but dismissed it as a hoax, esp after that silly Microsoft one about how they’ll pay you like dunno how many cents per person on the list blah blah…
    Speaking of BA… I used to be really into those airline websites, you know, where you key in your friends’ email addys you get another chance to win a trip to destination of your choice… am now routinely deleting invite emails. I mean who wins these things?! Does anyone KNOW anyone who’s won one of these?

  3. vantan

    Dawn – Ha! I was looking back at this old post and realised that you sent me an email this week to win a trip to Melbourne… riiight!

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