I bought a dress

I bought a dress today.
It’s actually a long yellow gown, silky but not so shimmery that you’d need sunglasses to look at me. Fairly simple with a bit of patterns in front. I’m a pretty simple person when it comes to clothes, even for special events. No sequins. Nothing luminous. Nothing that people can step on (I’ll never forget the last time I wore something with a trail).
Anyway, this gown is for Vanny’s wedding. I was at a well-known local boutique and the assistant underestimated my size (and age – she thought I was going to a prom!). So I spent the first 15 minutes in the changing-room, arms plastered to my body as I tried to wiggle my way through, wondering why everything felt tighter even after weeks of dieting and going to the gym.
Things got so uncomfortable that I was about to put a pox on all local dress designers who assumed that the only target market they needed to cater to, was the population of Singaporean females who had A-sized tits, a tiny waist and a slender frame. [Tangential thought: would calling this group the ‘vast’ majority be an oxymoron?]
However it was soon realised that I was a little taller (and definitely wider) and that a size 12, not 10, was perfect for me. I slid into the yellow gown easily and since mum said I already wear too much blue, I decided to take to this hue instead.
Step two: get a pair of matching shoes. We found a nice pair at Tang’s Studio, and returned to the boutique for an alteration. The gown should be ready a couple weeks before the wedding.
God, please don’t let me trip and fall on my face as I walk up the stage to make the speech.


  1. stef

    i’m sorry but local gown designers are just that narrow-minded about their sizing. i am so NOT a size in SG. and going out there to get clothes just makes me depressed. but good luck in your gown 🙂

  2. vantan

    Thanks Stef 🙂 I know what you mean! I feel good buying clothes overseas (in Europe / US / Australia) because my dress size is smaller and I’d need something in ‘petit’.

  3. van heng

    Heh, glad to hear you got your dress, Van! In a way, it’s good you didn’t get blue. My evening dress is blue and if you got a blue dress, there’ll be two Vanessas in blue that evening! How will people tell us apart?! =) I suppose they’ll just have to call us Heng and Tan.

  4. joan

    I would say “vast majority” is tautological and not oxymoronic (if there’s such an adjective!). Basically, tautological means it’s unnecessary, like the word ‘general’ in the phrase “general consensus”.
    Anyway, glad to hear you got a dress! Sounds like a really nice one!
    Oh man….now i’m wondering if what i’m intending to wear is formal enough. Arggh…..headache!
    And if you have problem buying clothes, what about me?????? i’m bigger size than you ok! Can you imagine my predicament and frustration????

  5. vantan

    Ah. But ‘vast’ here was meant to represent a big portion (say 80%) as opposed to just 51% which would also be considered a majority, no?
    I was making a dig at the skinny twerps (a number of whom still insist they’re somehow too fat!) by saying ironically they are ‘vast’ in numbers.
    ANYWAY… it really isn’t like a huge flowing gown, I’m no Cinderella 😉 So don’t worry, be confident like Kim Geks are supposed to!

  6. joan

    mine isn’t even a dress! It’s a chinese-looking sleeveless top and i’m going to match it with flowy black pants. i think it will suffice lah. I’m too lazy to go shopping for a dress (prob won’t find one my size anyway!) and don’t really want to spend that kind of money either.
    Yeah! Kim Geks unite!

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