Spoilt for choice

Days ago, I was looking at a website powered by Textpattern (beta) – a Textism project.
Today, I was reminded by Kristen about the Movable Type creators’ new venture into web publishing, Typepad – a tier-based system targetted at people who are less familiar with raw HTML code:

‘If you’re interested in a system where you can modify the code to suit your needs, Movable Type is still the right choice for you, but most users without some programming or scripting experience will be very happy with TypePad.’

I couldn’t help but recall that Textpattern had a template page similar to Typepad’s. Or vice-versa, whichever came first. It also appears that they both have many features in common. Hmm. Well, both are still in development stages, and I can’t wait to try them out. Textpattern (beta) is free; Typepad is not, at least for now. But they’ll host it for you.