Objects of desire

Call it perfect timing. After grappling with Actionscript at work today, I ended up in evening class learning the nature of computer languages from the first to sixth generations, and how Java (on which Flash Actionscript is based) operates: In three logical forms – Sequence (do this then this then that), Selection (If this, Else that) and Iteration (Do while…). Things we’ve all seen before in a less-than-basic Flash file.
So I learnt how to combine these three forms of logic, and how to target a nested object. Things I sort of knew, and applied more out of rote than understanding. Now at least I understand how Java in general works. [Update: A post on how Actionscript 2.0 is becoming more like Java.]
Yet I, like my classmates, feel a sense of impatience as the classes progress, because we all signed up for a more advanced course, but have to attend a fundamentals course first. I thought it’d all be over in one week, but I was mistaken. I hope to start my Application Developer’s course by next month. There are a lots of things I want to do, and so little time!
So for two weekday evenings, I go for class, and for the other weekdays I’ve been staying late in the office. I don’t know how much longer I can continue like this. I only have God to thank for giving me work I am interested in doing, and pray things will get better soon.


  1. tiggie

    sounds like what i have to deal with in MATLAB…for-loops, if…elseif….else…end…
    bet JAVA is more mind boggling than what i have to grapple with…and i haven’t even learnt it all! sigh.
    hope things will get better soon too, Van!
    remember not to overwork yourself!…got to have a life too.

  2. mae

    my fiance is a flash designer & i know he does his own scripting at times. i’m honestly not sure the level of his know-how, but perhaps u could email me & i’ll fwd yr details to him. oh, and he’s pretty reasonably priced so he can advise u on rates too.

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