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To those in the know, I wish to achieve the following:

onClipEvent (load) {

In short, I’ve always wondered if there were any good Flash Actionscript programmers available here in Singapore. Apart from those already in elite design houses such as Kinetic 😉
‘Good’, meaning you can do more than me, which means writing and customising, not reusing code downloaded from The people who write components, not the ones at the end trying to figure out how they work.
I do not specialise in Flash, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’ve decided to focus on semantics and open source technologies instead, because I believe they will create an intelligent future for us. Hence my attending IT school for training in networking, ASP, PHP, a bit of SQL, and finally, XML.
Of course there are ongoing developments such as Flash Markup Language (FML) which will bridge the divide between visual impact and dynamic, structured data. And after months of not using it, I remember now how fun Flash can be – when you DON’T have a tight deadline hanging over your head 😛
And hopefully, come next Friday I might even still be alive to attend the Macromedia MX 2004 launch conference, to see what they have to offer.
Right now, I have a Flash game to complete, and my fingers are numb (same as yesterday). There are some things I’ve just learnt how to do, without using other people’s scripts. Yet there are many more things I have yet to figure out, and very little time. I can brag that I’ve finished most of the game in less than two days. I just pray that people will appreciate the effort I’ve put in.
But back to my main question. On a personal basis, do freelance Actionscript specialists exist, and what would their rates be?


  1. Jean

    Don’t know about the rates but yes, freelance ActionScripters do exist in Singapore.
    Hubby, whose life’s work involves a lot of Flash, always says that the best and fastest way to learn is to get your hands on good books by people like Friendsof, sit down, read, learn and practise. Apparently, attending classes is not as effective. But that’s just him…

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