Off to Malacca to buy slippers

Yes, I’m leaving for Malacca in the early hours of Saturday morning to buy a pair of Nonya slippers so that I will look like a proper, fully-clad ‘Kim Gek’ on Peranakan Night, which is next week.
Of course the other women in the family (mum, aunt and grandma) are probably going to do much more than help choose slippers for me and my sis (who will be absent from this excursion as she gets car sick – and bored – easily).
If you want me to get anything from Malacca, please give my mobile phone a buzz. Preferably, no chewing gum or pirated CDs, please. Tut-tut.


  1. Kristen

    i STILL haven’t been to malacca. well, except for work, and i don’t think that counts, since all i got to see was the inside of our customer’s factory.
    did you get the slippers?

  2. vantan

    Yes! I bought a dark blue pair with beaded, floral patterns on them. We tried out several shops – all within walking distance of each other. Amazingly, the slippers make my feet look slimmer 😀

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