Drawing to an end

I’m near the end of my university applications. I can’t believe I’ve procrastinated for so long!
Tomorrow my Managing Director will be giving me the third and final letter of recommendation to send to USC.
And soon I will be tying up my personal statement cum academic discussion on communication theory. Next, I have to make copies of the articles I’ve written in a couple of national publications.
And oh yes, the fees. Argh. I’m leaving for Shanghai on 1 Dec so I’d better get my applications all wrapped up before then. Either that, or it’s FedEx/UPS/DHL/ SpeedPost to the rescue!
I’m also in a position of occupational, financial, academic and psychological instability at the moment. Should I stay? Should I leave? Will I find a better future for myself without compromising my moral values (or what’s left of them)? And why did my dad tell me today that I’d be the one to support him in his old age? He’s said before that I might have to support my sister too.
I think I need to earn a LOT of money.


  1. Kristen

    i admire your drive to go back to uni!
    every now and then i get the urge to go back. then i remember that it’s not all interesting lectures and after school parties, but also studying, tutorials, assignments and exams. but still, maybe one of these days…

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