Superman Returns

Watching a new Superman movie after so many years brought back nostalgic memories.
We girls had heard that this new Superman was suitably well-endowed … not with extra powers but, well, you know! Admittedly he had a slightly vacant look but I don’t blame him considering his endowment fund had been reportedly downsized!
It’s like watching a movie with a new James Bond and feeling that Sean Connery was still better but what the heck, it was a decent show anyway.

Who would think that Superman would have fathered a child with Lois Lane, then dashed off for 5 years – surely the man of steel wouldn’t take that long to find the remains of his planet Krypton.
Lex Luthor had much more personality and reminded me more of Doctor Evil. This show was more humorous but it was tasteful.
At least we know Superman doesn’t approve of smoking. We learnt to stub out butts lest they cause multiple explosions.
And the storyline is open-ended enough to warrant a sequel…


  1. mark

    well we all love superman’s endowments don’t we? it’s probably a reason why the creators of Superman put him in TIGHTS! i’m not complaining about his very obvious endowments, but i am complaining about the fact that it was reportedly downsized. =(
    still if it were downsized, then imagine how well-endowed he’ll be if it were totally original. =PP

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