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Jack Neo’s movie (literally translated as Run, children, run) didn’t move me enough to tears, unlike its predecessor I Not Stupid, but it is still good enough by local standards. The plot is adapted from an Iranian (?) story and tugs at the same old heartstrings. Children once again are the stars of the show, and they were well cast (they did have 1,500 kids to choose from).
Jack Neo, the cast, and Minister Lim Swee Say were present, along with some corporate bigwigs. In fact the boys and some other TCS stars were sitting just four rows in front of me, so looking at the big screen with their silhouettes in my field of vision, was a little surreal.
Thoughts about the movie? It was an eye opener, a good slap in the face to those of us born with silver spoons in our mouths. It is moving to see the lengths to which some children will go to, for dignity, honour and love. I can completely empathise with the troubles, the bullyings, the desires, the cover-ups and fear of retribution that the children went through.
Of course, my logic started to kick in at certain parts but I should suspend my disbelief. In the end, it’s up to the children to save the day. And enough said!


  1. Funn Lim

    It is an adaptation of an award winning Iranian film, Children of Heaven by Majid Majidi. I wouldn’t say a poor adaptation because Homerun has its moments and is very funny as well as touching. But Children of Heaven has got to be the best movie about children I have ever seen. The fact that Jack Neo gave it credit in the beginning of the film is a recognition of the predecessor’s greatness. I like the fact that credit is actually given. Homerun is an excellent movie, but you’re right. It didn’t move me to tears but it made me laugh in so many scenes and made me think about the past which I was never part of. The young actors were all brilliant.

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