Of PCs, Pasta and Pantomimes

My PC’s finally repaired. It didn’t even cost me one … million … dollars. [Dr Evil laugh] Bwaharharhar. I’m back to just 512 MB RAM, which is apparently the maximum amount Win 98 can take without going bonkers and starting in Safe mode. Strange, isn’t it? You’d think that the more RAM you add, the greater its capacity to handle more applications simultaneously. That’s how a Mac would work, anyway. Doh!
According to my dad’s friend who builds our PCs, and the good folks who’ve replied to my previous post, we should upgrade to Win 2000 or XP for better memory management. If only I could do that to my own head.
Anyway, I’m just happy to get everything back.
In other news: My mum, sis and I attended the opening of a new ballet school for girls, at Robertson Walk. Specifically, young Japanese girls (nothing kinky here, please). This is because the teacher is a Japanese lady who used to be with the Tokyo Ballet Academy. Local students may be taken in at a later stage, if business goes well.
After that, we proceeded downstairs to Mamma Lucia’s, a new restaurant featuring a genuine Italian mother’s recipes. Let’s just say the pasta was properly cooked and drained, not like the soggy, congealed slop you get at many other restaurants claiming to serve Italian fare. The bolognese sauce, for example, tasted EXACTLY like what I had many times over in Rome.
What amused me was that suave-looking owner also runs a fashion chain, so he was all dressed up as he served our food, complete with sunglasses over his head. He looked like he had just jumped off the Milan catwalk 8:-D
In the afternoon, I met up with my Alpha group to watch the Sleeping Beauty pantomime. Yeah, we’re just a bunch of kids at heart. I brought my sister along and she seemed to enjoy herself. I’ve found that hanging out with friends distracts me from my growing disillusionment with work. Until I hear from USC, I won’t make the decision to quit yet.