That CD Shop – chillout titles

Unusual tracks, independent labels.
Above: Albums I purchased today. Most were on sale.
Some warehouse in the UK closed down, and That CD Shop’s buyer was quick to snap up a shelf full of dance and chillout titles – and pass on the discount to their customers. You know how much ‘Import’ CDs usually cost. Well, these titles are going from $4.90 to $12.90!
Anyway, I love That CD Shop. There’s a guy who always recommends the best tracks for me (depending on my mood – jazz, groove, chillout …). Sometimes he gives me background information behind each album. He also remembers which albums I’ve already bought, from previous visits. It’s amazing.


  1. Kristen

    ooooh, yeah. i’m a big fan of That CD Shop. thanks for the sale tip! mark and i bought the most recent Groove Armada chillout jazz CD last week. excellent.

  2. Queenie

    AHHHHHHHHH!!!! I missed it, I missed it. But thanks for the update sms.AHHHH!!*kick me* kick me*
    (it’s a caffeine free mon morn btw.)

  3. vantan

    No, the sale will go on as long as there’s stock, from what I’m told. Just head on down to either Great World City or Tanglin Mall. Godspeed! šŸ˜‰

  4. Queenie

    WHOOPEE! ker-ching, ker-ching — actually, what’s the noise that’s made when they swipe the citibank card ah? *ZWAPH*??
    *g-r-i-n* (Sigh, mondays..)

  5. Chara Tay-Zhong

    anybody here has ever heard “Vanessa Daou”??does That CD Shop hold her debut album called “Zipless”??

  6. HP

    HI Van,
    I stumbled upon your site and I see you have picked up Mark Farina! He’s good with what he’s doing. Interestingly, I interviewed him when he was in SG to spin in Zouk and he’s really nice in person.
    Hope you enjoyed the music šŸ™‚
    If you download music, maybe you wanna sample : Seeds by Smith & Mighty? Let me know if you like it.

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