New look, new code

Well folks, you’re looking at the latest version of my website. I realised I was spending way too much time working on it, hence I decided to release it in beta stage and work out the minor kinks along the way.
The biggest difference is not a visual one. The code on MOST pages is now compliant with the Web Standards laid down by the W3C. I say most, because I’m sure there’s a nasty little bug somewhere which I haven’t spotted yet – apart from my Atomz search engine, which generates lots of hideous code on their server, beyond my control.
There are a few more things I’d like to tweak in my own time: putting in proper email spam protection for everyone who posts comments; figuring out how to work the photo thumbnail generator which is apparently installed on my server; retouching my CSS, and making everything more … dynamic.
A big thank you to Vic Ho and Queenie for their comments on the new site.
Sleep…sleep…I need sleep….zz.


  1. Queenie

    I like looking…at your website. And when I miss u, I look at your website. Again. *Obsessive compulsive disorder*
    Great job lah babes!

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