Second last session

Monday was the second last practice session before our school concert. We, the Moon Jumpers, are getting our act together!
I’ve got 8 tickets booked and have just invited two other Uni mates whose deep knowledge of music heavily influenced my songwriting style. I owe quite a bit to them. Hope they can make it.
We have one last practice session on Friday, and a rehearsal on Saturday itself. We should be done in about 11-12 minutes, if nothing goes wrong with the equipment!
My favourite sounds are what I’ll be playing – piano and Rhodes. Well, to be precise it’s a Roland keyboard that sounds like a Rhodes. I’ve never played on a real Fender Rhodes before but would love to, one day.
And I quite like my band. Rapport is strong. We just have to look at each other to know when to stop improvising and end the song.
Getting excited, but have to sleep now…


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