Eyeballs wide shut

Good morning. It’s 3 am and I’m trying to stay awake. I’m still uploading my old Eyeball files to the server because people have been asking to see my entire portfolio. Not that many of my works were superb, since I was a fledgling designer and most projects had to be done in a matter of hours, but it’s got me all nostalgic again.
Those were the good old days when I could afford to drive to work, because parking was cheap, sometimes free (if the security guard was nice), and the pay was much better. In my last days at Project Eyeball, I was sent for training to be a news producer, and edited a couple of videos.
Ironically, my first job paid me far better than what I’m earning now, one and a half years later. I hope this isn’t a trend. Anyway I’ll keep on learning and improving my skills, because you can never learn enough about web development.
It’s still uploading. It’s probably all those flash files and high quality images from my fashion galleries. I loved doing fashion galleries because I could be more outrageous than normal, and get away with it – just like haute couture. Alas, I’m pretty much a corporate designer now, as someone’s recently pointed out. I’m trying to finish the church website. Lots of itty bitty details to amend, bother.
[STILL uploading] Now I’m really bored. I’ve got dancy MTV music videos playing in the background so I don’t fall asleep and wake up with keyboard marks on my face.
Ah. The FTP bell has rung. It is time to sleep.