I have actually been ill for the past week. It started as a sore throat on Saturday night, a fever on Sunday, and lots of phlegm ever since. Tomorrow I will attempt to take part in a mass walk, and am not entirely sure if I’m up to it.
I’m not used to being sick. I’ve taken 2.5 days of medical leave in the last 5 years of my working life, and I would really not like to fall that ill to warrant a note from the doctor again. I’m actually WILLING myself, imagining the germs in my body being blasted away, like in some computer game. Or like Magneto drawing bits of metal out of everywhere, I’d extract all the phlegm in my lungs and vomit it all out. I believe staying healthy is partly psychological.
The thing is, I don’t believe in taking medication for minor illnesses which the body can overcome on its own. Overdosing on medication creates the superbugs that have been hitting everybody else. We have antibodies. Use them.


  1. vantan

    Thanks Tiggie!
    Argggh (or should that be *haargh*, ptooi?)… I started coughing last night because of all the congestion. It’s a terrible feeling when you can’t take a full, deep breath.
    I’ve given up and am seeing a doctor this morning. This is not a minor illness anymore.

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