Looking to the future

I miss France already, but it is good to be back in Singapore. 10 intense months at a global business school have opened my eyes, and I dare say fewer things will faze me now.
For the next few weeks I will be busy with job search. It is premature for me to announce anything at the moment, though I hope things will move more quickly from now on.
The question is: Which company can I contribute the most to, that will also value what I have to give? I believe the solution is to find the right fit, in terms of company culture and job scope. It is very important to work with the right people in a system that rewards the right behaviour and output. It would also give me a sense of pride to work for a well-known corporation that has made a difference in people’s lives.
As such, I have been fairly particular about the kind of company I’d want to work for. I want to love working for them, because then I know I’ll be at my best. And I want them to love me too.