1. Vicki is back!
2. I drove with mum to the airport to fetch her early this morning.
3. I have not done my jazz piano homework (most of it, anyway) yet.
4. We’re moving house big time, starting today. Loads more to pack.
5. I have not finished Vanny’s wedding site.
6. I was at Karen Seow’s dinner party till late last night, went home and slept soon after. So did not blog (heh heh).
7. Did I mention that Vicki is back?
Continued at 4pm:
8. Helped mum move some stuff to the new apartment.
9. Still have half the bedroom left to pack.
10. Movers coming in early next week.
11. Thus, am in deep s***. Amazingly, I haven’t freaked out yet. I think I’m too tired to do that now.
12. I found my old diary. Most entries were dated in ’93 with a few token entries in ’95, making it at least 10 years old. Can’t believe I was so full of angst. I’d have sent myself to see a shrink. At least I noted down some nice things that old friends like Van Heng, Jiamin and Isabel did for me when others were getting me down. I now remember. It’s been a decade in retrospective, but thank you. I am truly blessed to have you as my friends.
13. Jazz piano lesson coming up in an hour. I have to buy my own jazz fake book because the copy I’m using now is my teacher, Victor’s.
14. I finally came up with something for Vanny’s wedding site. It looks better but I am still far from happy with it. I think it’s because I don’t usually do ‘soft’ looking sites, preferring the power of sans serif / pixel fonts, strong colours and the like. My bad.
14. Back to packing.
Update at 9.30pm:
15. Survived piano lesson. Asked for less homework but to no avail *sob*
16. Dinner at Bistro Cameleon, Vicki’s favourite restaurant. They were closed for renovations but opened especially for her (yes, she really is a regular customer). Lucky girl.
17. Back to packing. Starting to worry a little now.