I dislike the smell of rotting freezer water. Especially on my clothes. We cleared out the rest of the now-unfrozen stuff this evening after we all got back from work and I am pooped. I have absolutely nothing to write about anything new I’ve surfed across, because I haven’t had time nor means to use the Internet today. Please pardon the silence… it may persist for a while.
In other news, I received news that there is an SCGS 1994 reunion (yes, that’s how old I am) and some old girls have already responded. To protect their privacy (email addresses), I won’t give the link – send me an email and I’ll forward the page to you.


  1. deb

    *sings and sways to the tune…*
    S.C.G.S. you’re my mentor
    You’re the joy of my life
    S.C.G.S. you’re my guardian
    Guiding me on through life
    S.C.G.S. you’re like mother (?!)
    Warm and friendly to me
    You’re my dear alma mater
    You’re the jewel of Emerald Hill (now aka Bt Timah Rd)…
    I hope I got the words correct. Hee…
    Am thinking of the old, dingy music room + Lee lao shi (aka Music Lee), ‘haunted’ toilets and the best part is the canteen and 20c chicken wings which no longer exist. Hmm, I’m not that young after all. Dammit!

  2. vantan

    What about the opening verse? Off the top of my head:
    Nestling on a hill,
    Looking so serene,
    You’re the school so dear to me.
    You’re sheer delight
    In the noon-day light
    Bustling with activityyyyy……
    *CHORUS* (sway)

  3. deb

    It goes like this (see my fantastic memory!):
    Nestling on a hill
    Sparkling like a gem (you missed this part out)
    You’re the school so dear to me
    and la la la la…it goes on…

  4. vantan

    A lot of old SC girls from our batch (1994) have already responded, and most have agreed to attend. It will take place on June 5 2004 so there’s plenty of time to prepare for.
    Let me send you the link.

  5. Jia

    what what? I think I’ve missed the boat on something. Please send me the link as well!
    hahaha that song’s gotten me in stitches.

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