iPhone enhancements

Just upgraded my 2G iPhone to firmware version 2.0 and man, it rocks!
The new Address Book has a search feature.
The Calendar interface has improved. Buttons to view list / daily / monthly are now at the bottom of the screen, making it easier to select with my thumb.
I appreciate the extra Memory buttons in the new Calculator. (Next, can someone write a Financial Calculator app for MBA students? :P)
However, I missed my old Apps and went to the iTunes Store to see if I could download any free ones. Then I realised that the iTunes Store now accepts Singapore credit cards – at least for the apps! It recognised the last card I used when purchasing Apple products online … and automatically filled in most of the details.
So now I’m allowed to download Apps for my iPhone! Will be syncing it via iTunes later. This is so cool!
Free Apps I’ve downloaded:
1. Bloomberg (stock ticker which shows graphs if iPhone is tilted. Excellent app. Managed to add local stocks without a problem)
2. The Bible (by Lifechurch.tv. Comprehensive links to commentaries and other online resources)
3. Remote Entertainment (control AppleTV or your Mac’s iTunes using iPhone! Just tried it and it works brilliantly.)
4. Netnewswire (syncs with the Mac-based app – but you need a Newsgator account)
5. Pownce (ha, maybe this will make me update it more regularly)
6. Instapaper (saves web pages for offline viewing – needs an account)
7. iProcrastinate mobile (task manager – works fine so far)
8. Evernote (to go with my Mac desktop version – synced well with my online account)
9. Younote (takes notes, doodles, photos with tagging and geolocation – and it’s free?!)
10. Sudoko (played a game; not bad!)
11. Mixmeister Scratch (play your music and scratch the record)
12. Lifecast (connects to Blogger)
13. Facebook (but of course, how can we do without this?)
14. Othello (haven’t played it in ages. This app is bilingual – Mandarin, English)
15. Moonlight Mahjong Lite (this is the solo game where you click away pairs of tiles)
16. Talking French Phrasebook (ooh lah lah, c’est pour l’iPhone!)
I’m still deciding which is the best Twitter app for iPhone… Maybe Twiterrific or more unusually, GPSTwit.
(You can find these Apps on the Store by searching for their names.)
Apps that I can’t install but am impressed with:
Oracle business indicators. Who’d think such a heavy-duty database company would write a free app for clients to sync with their Oracle databases?
Those who love classic stories, check out the Books app. You can buy books for US$0.99.


  1. Mr Yap

    It worth mentioning the impressive international keyboard that comes with the 2.0 software update.
    I am blown away by the chinese character input. (http://www.flickr.com/photos/ssyap/2665097401/)
    As for Twiterrific, I am let down by the usability. I left wondering whether my post was successful and at time end up posting touble

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