OSX Leopard – Airport gone?

I think this problem is happening with various other Leopard users. I updated my keychain today and now my system says it cannot detect an Airport card! What the…
This forum discussion seems to have a solution except I don’t know how to go about doing it! I’ve been on Windows for too long and don’t know how to locate this particular file that needs deleting. Can someone help me, pretty pleeease?
[Update: It occured to me where fo find that file. Now Airport is back on.]
[Update 2: Correction. The Airport card is activated, but it cannot detect my home network. It did once but lost the connection soon after. I haven’t touched my router which is several metres away. Nope, I cannot use a LAN cable because my Mac is at the other end of the house and it doesn’t have a wired LAN point. Apple, I hope you’re working on a fix that can be downloaded from another computer!]


  1. Guardian Angel

    DO you have spotlight? if not able to to do a system search for the file AppleAirPort2.kext ?
    delete the file and reboot

  2. vantan

    I tried it but no search results in Spotlight.
    Cannot plug in via lan as it is too far away. That is why I need Airport.

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