This Labour Day, I…

…fell asleep earlier than expected, and woke up, also earlier than expected. Since that shouldn’t be happening on a public holiday, I went back to sleep. Sleep does magical things for mouth ulcers, like making them almost disappear overnight. I should apply more sleep for a longer-lasting effect.
Surfed the net as usual, bummed about. Explored some eating places near Mustafa Centre for lunch. Went to the neighbourhood mall to buy fruits and stationery. Went home and completed my French homework. I suck at doing homework cos I’m just lazy and every time I use my MacBook Pro, I end up surfing the web instead of looking up French conjugations online.
Went to Sin Huat Seafood restaurant at Geylang for dinner. Waited for nearly an hour, as is the norm, but other family members were too hungry, so we headed off to Roland’s for late night seafood. Moral of the story: Never go to a famous restaurant during peak hours, especially soon after it’s received a writeup in the papers – in this case, for its crab bee hoon.
Came home late. Surfed the net, as usual. Going to sleep. Felt I had to post something. Done. Zz.