Another year older

I’m writing this past the stroke of midnight. Looking back, a lot has happened in the past year. I got engaged. We looked for a new home. Last November, we got married. We renovated our new home this March and moved in, a month later.
Looking forward, I’m still on the right side of 30 – but that won’t be for long!
Which is why, I am happy to announce, that we will be expecting a baby later this year 🙂 It wasn’t something we planned judiciously but we were happy to go along with whatever God had in store for us.
The newspapers have been writing a lot about our ageing society and shrinking local population, and it sounds very much like the fault of people not wanting to get married (which is still the expectation in our conservative society), and married couples not wanting to have children. But this is not the full picture. I know a growing number of people who are still trying to start a family, sometimes at great cost.
So I am not taking our blessings for granted. Here’s to a new year of my life, and to a little new life.