Telecom woes

Friends: don’t try calling my mobile number in the next couple of days. My phone company might have disconnected my line, because today I received a letter worded in red ink (how that improves visibility, I have no idea).
The letter says I did not pay my June bill, citing a payment cut-off date which was two days ago (gee, thanks for telling me now).
I was bewildered as I have been dutifully paying my bills for the last four years. I use a common payment system called GIRO (to the non-Singaporeans, here’s a simple definition of what it does).
However I didn’t realise that my June bill (which took into account the calls I made while in the US) exceeded my GIRO limit. If and when I do get disconnected, they can only re-connect me a day after payment is received. On top of that, they will charge me a reconnection fee. On top of THAT, I still have to pay subscription fees for the period where I’m disconnected. How draconian can they get?
There is a gap in the system somewhere. My bank didn’t tell me the bill couldn’t be paid last month, and my telephone company didn’t tell me I’ve gone past my payment cut-off date until it was too late.
However, both organisations are good at sending me promotional emails and text messages which I do not need. Now isn’t that an effective, customer-centric use of resources?
[Update: SingTel didn’t disconnect me, and on my latest bill they charged me for reconnection, then cancelled that fee (i.e. I didn’t get billed for it in the end). Hallelujah.]


  1. Andrew

    red bill=singtel? =) kinda weird they disconnected u so fast. i got lotsa “reminders” in the past and they never really did disconnect me. till recently dat is! LoLz.. din know they will still charge the subscription during the disconnected period though.. cheater bugz!

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