The 174 (part 3)

Before you read this post, you need to know this background information regarding my testimony.
Yesterday morning, I sent my Nissan car for servicing at Tan Chong Motors along Bukit Timah road. As I had to go back to work (in the south), I crossed the long overhead bridge to the other side, so I could catch a cab going in the right direction.
As I was crossing the bridge, I saw a number of buses passing by on either side of the roads. Then I wondered, Would I still be able to tell if the 174 bus is coming soon? After nearly 4 years of not taking this bus to work, I wouldn’t expect the Holy Spirit to be obliged to prompt me any longer.
Before I reached the end of the bridge, I was prompted that the 174 would be arriving in 1-2 minutes time. It was nearly 8.30am already and from previous experience, the service would become less frequent around this time. Anyway, since I needed to catch a cab, I stood along the main road, a bit further up from the bus stop, and kept an eye on the bus numbers that were turning up.
Well, I couldn’t catch any cabs because they were all flying past me on the first lane, but within 1 and a half minutes, the 174 did arrive! Someone else hailed the bus, so it stopped, then on the spur of the moment I decided to board the bus too, since it also was on the way to work. It was a nostalgic moment for me!
And no, unlike my previous trip last year to the service centre, I didn’t have anyone new approaching me for help!
The whole point is not that God can help you catch buses, but like what I learnt many years ago – that you can approach him for small things and He will listen (if it’s in His will).