Too many emails

When you receive 60-100 emails a day, but are in meetings for most of the day and busy covering duties, there isn’t time to finish checking and replying to all messages.
Now I resort to skimming. I wish I could put up an autoresponder like Tim Ferriss’s, saying I will only check email twice a day. But I wouldn’t dare.
Email is now my Red Sea. Red is the colour of emails I haven’t ‘read’ yet. See, is what I need to do with the red. Get it?


  1. Benjamin Koe

    I get the same if not more email. The way I take care of it is to use rules to mark important ones (those directed only to me) as red. I also filter out generic ones like company wide mass mails by automatically marking them as read so that my inbox will never look like it has too many unread which can be scary.
    I know of colleagues that have over 5,000 unread emails from this year alone. =)

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