I just got home from Vanny’s farewell party. Saturday was a day of madness, with me driving from one end of Singapore to the other, within an hour. I performed a song I wrote years ago, which means nothing to me anymore. I have many such songs. I wonder what makes people fall in love. I wonder why some people haven’t dared to take the big leap despite everyone, including me, noticing how much they like each other. Are you reading this? Do you know who you are?
Good night.


  1. may

    maybe it’s just some innate fear of screwing things up….often couples don’t remain in contact after they split up….which is sad….but that needn’t be the case.
    the thing is….you never know what you can tolerate, want, need, until you give yourself a chance.

  2. airhole

    the stifling education system in singapore has done it again! Yeah, I blame it on the system.. its easier to blame on the system anyway. But since u know the problems.. why not make the change, walk away from your comfort zone and challenge the world! Fear of failure? well.. it only human… are you?

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