I got the iPhone!

**i came, i saw, i Conquered. iPhone.**

I got the iPhone! from Vanessa Tan on Vimeo.
Spending the past 2 days going from shop to shop and not finding the 16GB iPhone in stock was like an anticlimax. However after calling a few more shops around Los Angeles, I finally found one Apple Store at Beverly Center which had stock.
When I finally bought the iPhone, I went back and Googled for help. Initial attempts didn’t seem to work, then I discovered Ziphone (then saw Kevin’s comment on my earlier post). It was really good! Only thing is, don’t run the software alongside iTunes, as iTunes will think something funny is happening and ask to restore your iPhone.
For part two, YouTube was quite helpful (again, I’ll leave you to search for the links) and with the ‘drop of a pin’ (or should that be ‘push’?) my phone was working! I made a phone call, messaged my parents and sent a message to Twitter.
I had heard all kinds of stories back home, with friends hiring people to saw off their SIM cards. I thought things were pretty straightforward, and I’m using firmware version 1.1.3. So far, there have been no problems on my side, fingers crossed.
Anyway, I am still on the AT&T network. Screen shots, photos and a video will soon follow. Am having trouble connecting my Dell laptop to my relatives’ network, so have to rely on thumb-driving my data back and forth, and using their computers when they’re available. Once I’ve uploaded everything I’ll post them on this blog.


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