Leopard and Missing Sync

As I’ve been using Windows-based PDA phones for the past few years, starting from an O2 Atom to a short-lived HP iPaq 6828, a Dopod 818 Pro and now a HTC Touch, and because I was a Mac user even before that, I’ve relied on the Missing Sync to coordinate my phone data with iCal and Address Book.
As my system was last running on Mac OS 10.3.9, I was happy to install Leopard because that meant I could finally upgrade to the latest version of the Missing Sync, which only runs on OS10.4 and above.
However, after a few successful attempts at synchronising my newly-upgraded PowerMac with my newly-upgraded Missing Sync, my phone and Mac stopped talking to each other.
I suspected it was due to incompatibilities, and sure enough, the Mark/Space website confirms that running the Missing Sync on Leopard can lead to connectivity problems, not just for Windows Mobile but for other systems too. The company is working on a fix within 90 days of Leopard’s release. I will wait for it.
What’s strange is that I did sync my phone for the first few times using Leopard and Missing Sync. And right after upgrading to Leopard, I was still able to connect to the Net. It was only after an Apple Update that Airport started giving problems. And perhaps it affected my Missing Sync software too!
So in summary, I have Leopard on my system but 1) No internet connection and 2) no synchronisation with my devices! One step forward, two steps back! This is a warning to all readers… wait if you can until the software bugs are fixed.
In the interim, I should back up my phone data on Outlook which used to be installed on my Dell laptop. However, since the laptop’s last major crash, the IT folks upgraded my Office software (which I do appreciate) but the latest version doesn’t come with Outlook. And Microsoft ActiveSync doesn’t talk to other mail programs as far as I know, so I’m totally relying on my HTC Touch for scheduling now.
A few weeks ago I had ‘fantasised’ about having perfectly synchronised calendars and address books on my work and home systems. Now it is just an illusion šŸ™