Innovative dreams

I had lucid dreaming last night. Thought I’d better write about it…
You know how you start off doing one thing in a dream, and it slowly modulates into something else?
First, I dreamt that I was with a group of friends in a studio, watching a band play. But I ended up playing in the band because one of the members (the drummer) had gone somewhere during the break and was held up. Just as I struck the snare and cymbals, he walked back in with an Apple bag.
[Subconciously, I must have been thinking of Steve Job’s forthcoming announcements.]
Since he was going to be busy playing, he handed his bag to me and told me he had just purchased Apple’s latest product, which had arrived at the AppleCentre and was not due for release until the next day. However he had friends at the store who let him pick up the product early.
And what was the product I dreamt of? No video iPod … but the coolest typewriter in the world. It looked like it was made of the same plastic material as the Apple mouse – transparent with a whitish base, and slightly wider than a sheet of A4 paper which you could fit in. I even typed on it and held it in my hands twice – it felt like I was holding something real!
Later on, my dream modulated further and I was now in a semi-heaven, walking through a peaceful area where my yuppie uncles and aunts stayed. I bumped into an aunt who was driving a golf buggy on the road (Apparently, in this dream city, people drive small vehicles to conserve fuel and reduce pollution). So I hitched a ride and she took me to a newfangled cafe which served a concoction of coffee. Inside the cafe, at the counter, the barista pointed and named each unusual type of coffee beans they had. As this was a dream, every name I heard was probably invented because I didn’t recognise a single thing.
Intriguingly, each type of bean was turned into liquids of varying colours, such as mustard yellow. My aunt explained that she liked this place because they had beans which were different from any other cafe, and you could mix different pots of coffee to create your own cuppa. I agreed it was a very innovative concept. Shortly after that, I woke up.
In summary: Apple ‘vintage’ typewriters and multicoloured coffee.
It’s time for me to go to sleep.


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