Another creepy horoscope

Aiee! This is what my horoscope said today. I now have the benefit of hindsight since I read it late – only after I came home from work:
[Horoscope for Aug 22] “If you overindulged last night, you are likely paying the price today. If your head is screaming and your blood feels as though it has turned to molasses, you know that too much of a good thing can make you feel rotten! Much as you feel driven to pull yourself up and out of bed in order to get on with your list of chores, there is simply no point… You would be better off spending the morning resting. By afternoon you will be your old self once again. Surely your work can wait until then.”
So what did I overindulge in last evening? I was merely catching up with a friend I made in the ol’ newsroom. Considering how I usually spend half my time at work pandering to fussy clients, and the other half kowtowing to my evil bosses, it was refreshing to indulge in intelligent conversation for once (at least on her side of the table, it was).
We talked for five straight hours. Satisfied, I went to bed with a dry throat and awoke … with no voice.