‘Hungary’ for pole position? Think again

Just read that Formula One champ Fernando Alonso has been showing his ugly side again. If he wants to prove he’s still number one, he should show it through his superior driving skills and not by doing nasty things like spreading conspiracy theories that his British constructor (McLaren) is biased in favour of a British team-mate, Lewis Hamilton. The latest tactic? Holding up Hamilton by 10 seconds so that he lost his lead at the Hungarian qualifiers.
It seems that McLaren was also to blame for holding things up for the first 20 seconds, though they can appeal their points deduction. Alonso does not have this luxury. He stalled for an additional 10 seconds which just makes his actions more suspect. His excuse? He was asking if his car had the right tires on.
Now, I know he is Spanish but I’m sure his English has been decent enough for the past few years or else he’d have had a lot more problems at the pit stop.
I mean, how on earth can you take 10 seconds to ask if you’ve got the right tires on?
How’s this for time:
Alonso: Is my front right tire correct?
McLaren team: Yes.
Alonso: Is my front left tire correct?
McLaren team: Yes.
Alonso: Is my rear right tire correct?
McLaren team: Yes.
Alonso: Is my rear left tire correct?
McLaren team: Yes.
Alonso: I guess I can start now…
What an a***hole.
But maybe it was a blessing in disguise. With the cheats punished, Hamilton started in pole position. And the sweetest revenge (should the lad even have been contemplating that thought) is to win, which he incidentally did. Keep it up, young man. Talent wins fans, not cheating.
McLaren isn’t even happy about Hamilton winning. To quote a CNN report [my comments in brackets]:

Hamilton said his team mate had not spoken to him since Saturday’s controversy… [Hello? The guy who played him out doesn’t want to talk to him? No big loss.]
McLaren team chief Ron Dennis was far from happy after Hamilton’s triumph… “Both drivers have to take some responsibility for this.” [It seems McLaren knows something extra about Hamilton that we don’t, perhaps?]

Moral of the story: Don’t go pole-dancing. You might get stripped.


  1. Jason Ho

    To tell you the truth, I lost respect for that Alonso guy from the beginning of the season. I mean this bugger either had no sportsmanship/ethics to begin with or the thought that he is still the champion is clouding his head.
    I agree that if you have something to say, go take it on the track. But I have to admit man..for a rookie..Hamilton is rock solid man..fwah!!

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