Theo Walcott online resources

Step aside, Wayne Rooney. All eyes are now on Theo Walcott to save the day*. My online finds so far:

And I just wrote in to BBC Sportdaq, asking them to add Theo Walcott to the list of players whose shares we can buy:

Dear BBC Sportdaq,
Now would be a great time to add Theo Walcott to the list of players!
[Update: BBC Sportdaq replied to me, saying Theo has been added! He officially IPO’d today (10/5/06). Hurrah! *buy shares*]

*England has to rely on goalscoring midfielders like Stephen Gerrard and Frank Lampard because I don’t think the remaining striker Peter Crouch has the edge and tenacity to constantly find the back of the net. Who knows – the inclusion of a brand new player that opposing teams don’t know much about, could work out for England in the end.


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