Gunning for a win

The big match begins in two minutes.
Go, Arsenal!
Half-time update: Someone please knock some sense into the linesman and referee Rob Styles- Van Persie was onside. Also, could someone knock out Essien’s two front teeth? A tooth for a tooth, considering what he did to Lauren. Essien is a brute – I’m sure Liverpool would agree. Some ex-Chelsea player commented before the match that Arsenal have never lost while this referee was in charge. That’s an insinuation which could be reversed now.
Van Persie did not commit a foul while chesting the ball – but, he also should not have lost his temper which got him a yellow card.
Just out of sheer revenge, I hope Arsenal score two more back after half-time. I may not bother to watch on – I have a day job and need to sleep. I’ll give the young Gunners a few more years with the new stadium before they make it back to No. 1 spot again in the Premier League.