When players make more news than sport itself

You might have heard of the English Premier League footballers who allegedly raped a 17 year old girl, and have yet to be named. I resisted for days but succumbed to Google, and found a few football forums with enough conspiracy theories and suspects to indict almost the entire league.
Fortunately, none of my really favourite players were named. And Villa seems to be in the clear, since they went home after the match, so my friend Aaron (a loyal stadium supporter) will be pleased about that. That’s probably all I can say, just in case a lawyer decides to sue me for libel.
And it definitely can’t be David Beckham – besides, he’s having enough problems with the missus to keep himself occupied. But it was coming. That’s what you get when the wife spends less than a month in Madrid with a husband whom many women still find attractive. If the worst happens (I hope not), Victoria and Nicole can form an Old Wives’ club. Can’t trust those Spanish beauties.
Back home, we have the case of the Brazilian-imported soccer player who was photographed in the changing room, towel wrapped around his waist, with an unfortunate member of his body hanging out. Can’t believe they’d publish it in the press. I’m sure all back issues of Berita Harian, our Malay newspaper, were sold out.


  1. Ally

    The picture in the Berita Harian was certainly the highlight of the day in Paul’s office! Apparently his wife wrote a nasty complaint to the paper the next day.

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