Googlejewce – Steve Rubel’s Twitter experiment

It was 1.45am, Singapore time. I saw Steve Rubel‘s Twitter post on how he was going to test Google’s search indexing speed by inventing a new word and posting it to Twitter.
Out of curiosity, I Googled for ‘googlejewce’ and it showed up! In fact the search results stated that the Twitter post was made ‘6 minutes ago’, meaning that within 6 minutes or less, Google had already indexed Steve Rubel’s post.
Now how’s that for speed? The implication is that what you’ve just written on your own social media tools will start being reproduced within minutes on other platforms – in this instance, a Google cache record. I notice that other blogs have just started writing about this too. So it’s now easier to get your presence logged on the Net, but also harder to wipe out traces of what you’ve written (should you ever want to).


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