Podcamp, Day 2

Podcamp was fun! You can say we became happy campers, though I was kinda sad it had to end. This morning, Mitch took us through the basics of social media. My fellow media socialists would probably have heard of most of the websites and tools mentioned (e.g. Google, Technorati, RSS), so I won’t go into details. What was interesting for me was when Mitch showed off his podcast gear. You can say we were getting the ‘Pod’ in ‘Podcamp’!
M-Audio MicrotrackIt is interesting how so many different combinations of hardware and software can be used to make podcasts. For instance, Mitch uses CastBlaster, a podcast-specific program which only works on PC, while I use Logic Pro, which runs only on Mac. For mobile recording, Mitch uses M-Audio’s MicroTrack (US$499) which can save audio directly into MP3 format. Since I have an iPod, I use the Micromemo (US59). Both devices sync with their respective computers. In my home studio, I sometimes use a Shure microphone which goes through a preamp. Sometimes I combine different recordings.
Still, there are even more possible combinations! For our work podcasts, we usually hire professionals. Even more heavy duty equipment and software may be used, such as Pro Tools. I just sit in the studio and wish it was all mine.
The most important thing however, is still content. We need to have something that our audience finds useful and (hopefully) entertaining. I have more to say about podcasting, in my forthcoming podcast!


  1. Mitch Joel

    You’re so right about Podcasting gear. When I went to the first PodCamp in Boston about a year ago, I had a stack of questions about software, gear, mixing, microphones and on and on. I quickly realized that people are building this industry out of piecing parts together with duct tape and chicken wire 😉 – no one company is really developing “podcasting year” – at least not back then.
    That’s what makes it such an interesting place to be.

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