As of time of writing, this UK computer magazine poll indicates that Firefox is the second most-used web browser with a respectable 17% out of 537 votes (including one from myself).

Sleeping in the public library? Another New Yorker deals with high costs of living by staying in a 27-foot camper van.

Nullsoft have done a Netscape and skipped a version of Winamp. They explain (rather lamely) what happened to version 4. And I’m more than a little put off by the fact that there is now a ‘Pro’ version that will give you the added advantage of ripping music into *drum roll* MP3 format. Namely because:

  1. I donated US$10 five years ago when Winamp was still shareware, and Nullsoft was a young company scraping for donations. But now they say it doesn’t count. We have to ‘register’ (that is, ‘pay’) again for this Pro version. Thanks, guys, you’ve made schmucks of all your early supporters.
  2. There already are other quality programs that rip MP3s for free. Why would we pay US$14.95 for this?

I was pleased to notice that, Singapore’s favourite aggregator of hardware reviews and prices, has XML feeds. They’re first local publication/content provider I know of that’s taken this step (please let me know of any others).


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