Triple Xtension

Porn websites now have a new domain extension – xxx (why are we not surprised).
But I’ve felt all along that nobody really uses these fancy suffixes – I’ve visted a few .tv sites (which have nothing to do with the actual country, Tuvalu), and now there’s going to be .jobs and .travel … but who needs those when you already have sites like and
Whatever needs a website, already has a website, and it’s most probably found at a familiar .com, .net or .org. Of course, this won’t stop people from rushing to register new names, domain squatters and legitimate trademark owners alike.
Ultimately, it’s the content that keeps people coming back to a site. I don’t consider getting first-time visitors to the site as the ultimate achievement in online marketing – but getting them to come back again and again and actually buy your product or service.
Which is why I hate spam, but that’s another story.


  1. Jeff Wheeler

    I saw this proposal a very long time ago over at iCann, and never thought it would get passed.
    I feel like such a geek now, having read the original proposal. I guess it’s nice, because now it is easy to quickly identify pornographic sites, and even easier to block them.
    Obviously it’ll not catch all of them, but surely it’ll start to be effective fast.
    Also, they were originally considering .adult instead, but ruled it out, as it is not the same in all languages, whereas xxx is.

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