Sharapova v Williams – a blow by blow account

This has to be the one of the funniest BBC sports reports I’ve ever read. I didn’t catch the match but the moment I heard that Venus trounced Maria, I had to find out how it happened. Turns out the two ladies were shrieking away and driving the audience bonkers:

I’ll try to give you a sample of the aural battering we’re experiencing here: “EUUUR! Eeee. EUUUR! Eeee. EUUUR! Eeee. EUUUR! Eeee.” If I hadn’t eaten my lunchtime sandwiches at 11.30am, I’d be stuffing them in my ears.

Disaster for Shriekapova – she slumps to 0-40 as a Venus backhand clout clips the tape and skips over her outstretched racquet, and then balloons a forehand miles out to concede the break. Now she really has got something to scream about.

And finally …

Shara’s screaming has now officially got my goat. Every time she hits the ball, no matter how much effort goes into it, she screeches like a demented seagull.

Masterfully irreverent.


  1. Jason Ho

    yeah man…her screams are reeeeeally irritating..think as guys we would find that a turn on yeah? not really..did I mention irritating? 😛

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