Graniph T-shirts in Singapore!

While at Bugis Junction this afternoon, we discovered that Graniph, a popular arty Japanese T-shirt store, had just opened today!
I got myself a Helvetica T-shirt. When I wear it (probably with jeans and sneakers), I will feel just like a designer again. This store’s like the Japanese version of Threadless.
Update: Strangeknight blogged about Graniph opening in Singapore, too.
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  1. monoceros

    hey, I was at the library today and then popped over to Bugis to meet a student of mine. I got a Helvetica tee too (anything to do with typefaces – I’m there), and a couple more (one with a unicorn on it!). Glad we have a branch here now.

  2. strangeknight

    Great minds think alike! Unfortunately I chickened out of buying a $35 t-shirt.
    Oh but Helvetica is beautiful. That simplicity, those curves. Oh if only someone would bring the documentary over here!

  3. vantan

    Lucian – LOL. If you can find a font with your wife or daughter’s name in it, it may help … e.g. “I love Luci(n)da” or “Georgia on my mind”.

  4. Emmanuel Buenviaje

    hello all,
    if you’re crazy about Helvetica like me – and there’s
    an army of us out there – go to my site and see what I came up
    with on this momentous occasion. Helvetica is 50 Years Old.
    I am an independent designer that occasionally
    fund my own dream projects – you know –
    the kind with no client telling you what to do.
    sometimes it’s nice to be an artist.
    anyway, these are LIMITED EDITION so order
    while supplies last.
    thanks all.

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