Prelude to the League Cup finals

Some buildup before the Chelsea-Arsenal Carling Cup final in a few hours’ time. It’s been dubbed The Kids (Arsenal) versus The Cash (Chelsea) with bookies betting on a Chelsea win. Come on, young Guns, show the world that football is more than just about spending lots of money.
Arsenal’s Adebayor and Henry in a lighthearted interview on future dance moves and who is the worst dancer in the team, among others
Jose Mourinho says Arsene Wenger is (not) a great manager, and feels Chelsea’s youth policy (never heard of it before) is better than Arsenal’s. How, then, has Arsenal made it to the finals with their youth team?
Arsene Wenger says you can either have a great national team or a great league. To a certain extent I agree. Not all the best players in the world are English. If clubs want the best players for their teams, they should not be forced to choose only English players if they really are not the best. If all the good English players are very expensive, it is harder for (relatively) poorer clubs to attract them.
Reading the BBC Forum on this match has made me note a few points.

  • There seem to be more Arsenal fans worldwide, than for Chelsea.
  • Overall, logic says Chelsea will win but some hope that the Young Guns will spring a surprise.
  • The Man U fans all want Arsenal to win 🙂

[Update: Another pre-match blog post from SG Gooner]