Sheer grit

I just watched a replay of the Henin-Capriati match. What a marathon! I like both players, which made it difficult to decide who to side with. I resisted the urge to check for the final results, and decided that since most of the audience was screaming for Jennifer, I would do the opposite and root for Justine, who was going down fast in the third set.

Jenny has always been a fiesty player, and I loved her sense of humour throughout the match. So it was heartwrenching to see her lose her concentration and consequently her lead in that final set. But it was worth seeing her biggest fan Matthew Perry (who plays Chandler in Friends) cheering crazily for her everytime she hit a big winner.

But Justine’s grit was also admirable. She was in great pain, her usual leg cramps giving her trouble in crucial moments of the game. Lesser players might have given up, like in the men’s singles. But she is one of, if not the most, hungry players I have ever seen. A little too hungry at the French Open, as I have noted, but in this case, it was a deserved win.

Points to ponder:

  1. Why did the commentators keep on calling Henin-Hardenne a Frenchwoman?! Notably, they don’t make this slip with fellow Belgian, Kim Clijsters. Maybe the No. 1 seed has a less ‘Frenchy’ sounding name.
  2. One commentator was obviously afraid to pronounce Justine’s last name, because she’d refer to both players as “Capriati and … and … Justine”. Chortle.
  3. Will Kim Clijsters finally win her first Grand Slam? Or will Justine Henin-Hardenne’s nerves of steel, prevail again? Without the Williams sisters to contend with, the plot thickens. Ironically, it will be an all-Belgian final at this US Open.

Oh, lookie here. Kim has a blog. Sort of. I like her, too. I think she’s a nice person. I’m sure Lleyton would agree 😉

May the best player win!


  1. Kristen

    the commentators were severely intelligence impaired. it was really getting on my nerves.
    i wonder if lleyton has a blog too? i had a little google, but didn’t come up with anything.

  2. vantan

    All riight 🙂 So little Justine’s won! It is strange how the No. 3 seed seems to be able to trounce the No. 1 seed in Grand Slam finals (French and US Opens) – where it counts.
    Some commentators have sounded biased, or blase. Maybe they were forced to say something to fill the silence, and couldn’t really think of anything intelligent in time. Heh.
    Hmm. A Lleyton Log? That would be interesting…

  3. Jean

    Oh good! Justine won. I caught the opening on Star Sports, and she looked a bit tired but she definitely had the upper hand on Clijsters.

  4. vantan

    I watched the Bryan twins playing doubles in the US Open finals just now (since I missed the Roddick-Ferrero match). The twins had just won the first game in the third set, when stupidity struck again.
    Female commentator: They seem to know exactly what the other is thinking… It’s almost like they’ve got ES … ES … (very long pause)
    Male commentator: You mean, ESP?
    Female commentator: Oh yes, ESP. I was about to say, ESPN!

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