Test post using Ecto

Based on an old recommendation by Steve Rubel, I decided to try out Ecto. Since I tag some of my posts manually I thought why not try some software that tags things for you.

Previously I used a Firefox extension called Performancing, but it kept on hanging my system, so I uninstalled it. Anyway it didn’t handle break and paragraph tags accurately.

So far, what I do not like in Ecto is the fact that it could let users switch to any font in their system, rather than limit them to using web-friendly fonts. Also, the program took ages to start. I’ll see how it goes and whether it generates any code bloat on my blog. Anyway it’s just a 20-day trial.

OK, time to end this post and get some sleep. Here are some test tags! I hope they appear in the right places.

Technorati Tags: , , ,

(Hmm I’m back on Firefox and logged into Movable Type. What’s good: Ecto cleverly switched into no-HTML mode so that my paragraph tags didn’t get doubled up. What’s not so good: Ecto decided to format my Technorati tags in a certain way, as you can see above. Well I don’t like smaller font sizes and an alignment to the right. At least I can tweak the settings for this.)